What Is A Ketubah?

The ketubah,or Hebrew marriage covenant, has been a tradition since ancient times. Under Jewish law, the traditional ketubah is be used to unite two people in marriage.
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Baby Naming Certificates

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Helping Interfaith Couples Celebrate Their Differing Heritages

Marriage commitment and birth are two of the most significant moments of your lives together.

Good Company offers to interfaith couples a marriage covenant developed in the style of the traditional Jewish ketubah. We fully respect and integrate the multifaceted backgrounds of interfaith families through our interfaith ketubot, featuring traditional wedding vows adapted for interfaith marriages. In a similar philosophy, Good Company also offers baby naming certificates appropriate for interfaith families. Names of Rabbi's that perform interfaith ceremonies can be found on our links page.

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Learn more about our Interfaith Ketubot (marriage covenant or marriage contract), Baby Naming Certificates, and Gay and Lesbian Commitment Certificates.

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